Correlation One Launches ‘Data Science for All (DS4A)’ Program

October 01, 2022 Correlation One Launches ‘Data Science for All (DS4A)’ Program

Amman – October 1, 2022 – Correlation One, a technology and workforce development company ranked #6 on LinkedIn's Top Startups 2022 List in U.S., has officially launched its flagship national program based on Correlation One’s own award-winning data analytics training mode, Data Science for All / Jordan (DS4A / Jordan). Through the inaugural run of this groundbreaking 10-week program, 50 Jordanian citizens and Syrian refugees are receiving advanced data skills training.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be matched to employment opportunities with both local companies and multinational organizations.

The first cohort of DS4A/Jordan participants was chosen from a pool of more than 1,700 highly skilled applicants. The application process was extremely rigorous, and included a written application, skill assessment, and personal interview.

Applicants included a diverse array of underemployed working professionals—many with backgrounds in software engineering and other technical fields—and unemployed self-taught individuals looking to enhance their capacities and credentials.

The program is entirely free of charge. Through an immersive virtual learning experience, DS4A / Jordan engages learners in live, collaborative training; practical, case-based lectures; and team capstone projects that address locally and globally relevant topics like education, energy, water systems, and public-sector modernization.

Correlation One works with leading global employers such Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Citibank, Accenture, EY Morgan Stanley, and others which helps achieve its goal of closing the gap between professional capacities and the demands of the global job market.

In meeting these market demands, Correlation One is also doing its part to attract new ICT investments in the Kingdom.

As explained by the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, H.E. Ahmad Hanandeh, “To become a global talent hub, Jordan must attract international employers. The DS4A/Jordan program aims to achieve this by providing free, pioneering training to our talented but underemployed workforce. We’re excited to partner with Correlation One, under the umbrella of Jordan Source, to conduct this job training program.”

In turn, Correlation One Country Manager, Shahed Atieh, stated, “There’s immense untapped talent and human capital in Jordan. Our work is focused on creating opportunities for this talent by providing world-class education and then connecting them with global employers who are looking for new pools

of talent. We want to be the bridge between talent and opportunity in Jordan and are excited to launch our operations here.”

As a partner of Jordan Source, Correlation One is helping tap into the incredible talent and potential of Jordanian youth and demonstrating one of the many reasons why Jordan is an ideal destination for companies to make their next ITO or BPO investment.